lighting: it's important to go big

Wednesday, May 1

Inevitably, if a project I'm working on involves lighting, I will get a slightly panicked phone call from my client  saying that the light is too big.  This can happen before the light is even installed, or the light is installed but nothing else in the room is finished.  Lamps are not excluded from this!

But here's the thing...
They have always liked the room in the end.
What seems out of place and crazy in the moment always fits in the bigger picture.  

When it comes to lighting, it's nearly always the right choice to go big!

One of my kitchen clients was nervous about her new pendants yesterday, but I think I talked her off the lighting cliff. ;-)  Today I'm going to share some LARGE scale lighting over kitchen islands.  There are so many components to a room and I always prefer the lighting to make a statement.

{All photos from this post can be found here.}
What are your thoughts on the topic?  Are you a fan of large scale lighting?  
I'd love to hear your view!

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Dana Frieling said...

Agreed! The more I dive into design the more small scale lighting drives me crazy. It takes guts to use large scale but it definitely pays off. Glad you talked your client off the cliff. They're sure to thank you for it!

Amanda said...

amen!!! I cant tell you how many times clients have had that deer in headlights look when they see their lighting out of the box- and I admit there has been a time or two Ive worried myself- but in the end it ALWAYS works perfectly into the plan and as they say "go big or go home"!!

Laurie said...

Love all of these! Lighting is such an important part of any room.

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Couldn't agree more, bigger is better!

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