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Saturday, January 26

Hi friends!  I hope you're enjoying your weekend.  Welcome to another update on "the cottage project".  Now that the construction is finished and my client has passed all inspections, we can move forward more quickly!  It's all very exciting.  She has been waiting so long to make this house her home.

Today I'm sharing the design plan for her sun room.  When we started there was wood trim and a wood toned ceiling.  I know, I know, you have a strong opinion about whether wood should ever be painted, but lucky for me my client and I are in the same camp.  We had it all painted.  The wall color is the same in both pictures--all that was changed when this was taken was the trim.  Notice how now, what you really see are the beautiful trees and not all of the orange trim.  It was amazing how painting the wood trim brought in the natural surroundings.  Eventually, the walls were painted the same white as the trim.

We added custom woven shades to the corner windows, and drapes are going up over the slider.

I'm recommending this woven, flat weave rug.  It's a great neutral scheme and could work anywhere in her home.  The pattern makes it durable and it's fully reversible.

We are recovering her current sofa in a soft, light gray, outdoor velvet.

I used the apple green velvet on my living room sofa and Sheri was a fan of the look and durability.  She has two small dogs and grandchildren so this sofa needs to perform well!
We even poured red juice over the light gray sample.  The juice just rolled right off!
One more 'before' shot of the sun room:

Here is the design board.  I can't wait to see it come to life.

What do you think?
  Is this a room you'd like to relax in while gazing at the river?

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Amy@eatsleepdecorate said...

Just beautiful! I can't wait to see how it turns out! It does seem very relaxing and a perfect place for reading or a nap!

Dana Frieling said...

I love it! Great selections, Abby. Excited for you that you're about to see your vision come to life.

Cathy Wall said...

Oh the power of paint! Love the change and where this room is heading, great job Abby!

Rachel said...

Sunbrella outdoor velvet - love!

Calypso In The Country said...

I love all the colors and that room seems like such a relaxing space!

Michelle said...

Yes I could totally relax in this room! The blue and green colours are the perfect combo for relaxation :)

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

This is amazing! Good call on painting the ceiling and trim. Soooo much more relaxing!

Spring time in Georgia! said...

Love you blog! Just happened to run into it. So I am wondering- can I do large curtains in a bathrooms or is that a big NO No? I have a little store on ETSY and sell curated vintage at The Enchanted FIg Tree and love to pick out items for clients however when it comes to my own home I am always so stumped! HELP!
Stephanie Fig

Karen Albert said...

Abby this sun room is turning out so beautifully!! Great designs and furnishings. Oh I love the blue ceiling and the paneling painted out!

2013 Artists Series

Holly said...

The eye really did gravitate to the wood trim prior to having it painted, now it goes out toward the outdoors to admire nature - love it!

Amanda said...

Its lovely! cant wait to see it all finished! That sunbrella fabric is amazing and now need to find something to recover!!

outdoor lounger said...

Love it, it is very nice and beautiful!

Blinds said...

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