bedroom design inspired by art: Lulie Wallace

Thursday, January 31

I gave one of my dear friends this Lulie Wallace print for Christmas.  I had a chance to see it in person before she opened it, and I nearly passed out.  It was so... beautiful...

I was so inspired by this piece that I thought I'd create a bedroom design, inspired by Wallace's paintings.
I'd call this style happy-sophistication. :-)
There is a lot going on, color wise, but I could be so happy in this room.

Because this design is not for an actual client, you have access to all of these pieces.  
Just click on the link below the picture!  Once you arrive on Olioboard just scroll down and click "shop it".

Lulie Wallace is an artist that works and lives in Charleston, SC.  I am slightly obsessed with her paintings and textiles.  I love her color combinations and the modern take on florals and pattern.   Lulie's paintings have been in many shelter mags and blogs.  Here are some of my favorite pieces.

To top it off, she also sells her beautiful fabrics.  

What do you think of her style?  Do you have a favorite painting?

{Just to be open with you, I did not receive any perks for this post.  I just really love her work!}

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Dana Frieling said...

We definitely need to become better friends if this is the type of Christmas present you give! ha! I love her work...big fan.

katie gavigan said...

gorgeous! thanks for introducing me to her work...i honestly can't choose from those you've shared here. SO beautiful!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I was just looking at her site the other day! I LOVE her work - what a lucky friend!! And your mood board is so pretty. I think using a piece of art that you love as the basis of a room design is such a great idea.

Sarah S said...

Her work just makes me happy - it's so cheerful! Great post and I love the bedroom design you came up with!

PS - Have you had your trip to Mexico yet? Curious how you liked the resort.

Brittany said...

Love her work!! So gorgeous! And the room you came up with is so lovely :) xo

Heather (love your space) said...

Love that fun chair--and those fabrics from the artist!

Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Wow those paintings are beautiful! I love all the colors, and you nailed it with your inspiration room!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I'm a long time Lulie lover, too...the colors and devil-may-care design is just up my alley (c: I could totally hole up in that room EVER.

Paulina said...

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Kara Michele said...

Hey lady - I've been looking for the perfect piece of art for my office in the new hospital since it opened Dec. 2011.... And I just found it thanks to you! Love these. Now the dilemma of which one and what size? Thanks for sharing all of your cool finds & ideas with us. Such spectacular taste.

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

What a thoughtful, beautiful gift! So fresh and feminine. I want to see some more of her work.

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