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Thursday, December 20

Hello my friends.  The last week has been a long one.  Even this morning I was caught off guard when I dropped my oldest off at school and started crying after seeing the flags at half-staff. The event of last week, as much as I'm trying to avoid thinking about it, continues to hit me like a brick wall.  If you're like me and wondering why you're such a mess, this article explains it well.

I'm hoping that celebrating the miracle of Christmas will patch our hearts, even if it's just a bit.
If you're a last minute gift giver, like myself, I've put together a gift guide for the creative people in your life.  
These gifts are even better if you're playing Santa for yourself.  
Sometimes a gift is just what the doctor ordered.  The best part? 
Every gift is less than $50.  Happy shopping my loves.

*Flowers for Masindi Print via Lulie Wallace

Did you see anything that caught your eye?  
Which gift would you chose for yourself?

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Christina Dunlop said...

I absolutely love those green and blue dangle earrings! And the green teardrop ones. I just saw some similar an Anthropologie last night- but I'd much rather support an artist from Etsy.

Hopefully Santa brings me a little Christmas money because I know what I'll be buying with it!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

So many great options - don't think I could choose just one! Merry Christmas, Abby!

Emily delp said...

I like the planner!!

Amanda said...

Ill take one of each please!! those are some awesome finds!
Merry Christmas friend!

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