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Friday, November 2

Hello friends.  I confess I haven't really felt right about talking about beautiful interiors and paint colors when so many people on the east coast have lost their homes, their community, and sometimes even their loved ones.  It's difficult to even wrap my head around their heartache.

The east coast has my thoughts and prayers!  

Thankfully there is still so much beauty and inspiration to be found.  
I fell in love with this boy's bedroom, designed by Meg at Nutmeg & Company.  I just had to share!

I love the rustic sophistication of the room for Meg's son.  
To read more details on this room, click here.

I have strong feelings about rooms for kids.  You can read my philosophy here.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oooh i love it all, too! love the houndstooth bedding and that rug!

Meg said...

Well, imagine my surprise when I clicked over to one of my favorite blogs and found my very own home pictured there!
Thanks for the little feature Abby! Elliott's room made him so very happy - proof that you can design for a kid without designing childish-ly! xo meg

Dana Frieling said...

Every little boy's room should have bugs and snakeskin! Super cute.

Calypso In The Country said...

Wow that is one gorgeous room! I love the houndstooth and the artwork. The colors are so soothing too. I agree with your philosophy on room design. I have made the mistake of making things too childish for my kids and they grew out of it too fast! Thanks for your kind words about the East Coast. We have not had power since Monday last week! Luckily we have a generator and are fine. So many people are so much worse off than we are!

Luci @Bungalow At Home said...

I have a decorating blog as well and know exactly how you feel Abby. I live in northern NJ and my family and I have been without power for over 6 days and it has not been fun. I'm lucky and blessed that my home is fine and we are only inconvenienced but it's been hard on all of us here to see such destruction.

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