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Tuesday, October 23

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

I'm in the gathering stages of designing a home office for an engineer/entrepreneur near Detroit.  This office must function as a guest room and be able to hold meetings with clients and business partners.  I love my job!

My ideal desk would be a live edge table like this:

Another example of a live edge table, but this one is a DIY.

We'll be using patent drawings of some sort:

I'm in search of the perfect sleeper sofa for two.  Not an easy find.  I really want something like this:

I'm looking forward to presenting my e-design plan to my client.  Stay tuned, my friends.

In other news...
I took our yellow sofa to the re-upholsterer this weekend!  EEEEK!

We are down to one sofa and two chairs until at least Halloween.  Needless to say I am counting down the days until its return.  I did a little moving around of our furniture.  Here's the phone pic I posted on Instagram over the weekend.  

See that vintage patterned chair?  That's going to the upholsterer next.  It's getting covered in the large leaf pattern.  Trust me. It's GORGEOUS in person.

It looks similar to this:

Have a great day!  
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8 comments: said...

Omg. Get. Out. I didn't know you were doing that chair with the green sofa. I can't breath I love it s o much. Know what I love about you? Your fearlessness. Dang it's awesome.

katie gavigan said...

ahhhh so excited to see the new sofa and chair come together!! am so tempted by the leaf fabric...might just have to do something about that myself! and the office project - very fun.

Dana Frieling said...

Oh's gonna be pretty!

Michelle said...

I really like the dark walls for a masculine office, something very brooding and sexy about it! Some great inspiration to work with there x

useful link said...

OMG!I really love the interiors.The sofa and chairs are looking absolute fantastic together.

{Hi Sugarplum!} said...

that office is going to be perfect! and i can not wait to see your sofa!!! having things upholstered is so exciting!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Excited to see the new sofa, although I have a soft spot for the yellow one... That leaf fabric is tdf - so excited you're using green! My favorite. Abby, if you get a chance stop by to enter my giveaway for a $50 Novica gift card!

office furniture said...

Excellent tips. Really useful stuff .Never had an idea about this, will look for more of such informative posts from your side.. Good job...Keep it up

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