how to mix pillows and patterns

Tuesday, May 1

What if you love the look of mixing pillows but 
feel frozen when it comes to combining patterns?
This post was originally published as a guest post for classic*casual*home, one of my favorite blogs for luxurious and beautiful coastal design.  I thought it was worth publishing again on my own site.

I am always a fan of breaking "the rules" when it comes to design.  
But if you're feeling stuck, here are some rules to follow.

1) It's all about proportions!  Start with a large print that you love, like the peacock fabric below.
2) Next, chose a medium and small print that is different than the large.  For example, if you use a large floral, then you'll need a medium geometric, and a small stripe.
3) When selecting a solid I always look for texture.  Velvet, mohair, linen,and wool will help your room feel finished and sophisticated.  If every fabric is the same texture it can be boring.
Here's another example:
Here is a board with two "large" scale fabrics, but it still works because one is a stripe 
and the other is more geometric.

I hope you pillow addicts are inspired to keep mixing your colors and patterns!  If there are any pillows you like, simply click on the board and scroll down.  They are each linked to the source.  

We recently moved, and only now have we gotten our home to what I like to call "baseline" so I'm still  making decorating decisions like which pillows to buy.  

I hope this post gives you the courage to play with patterns and add a little happiness to your home.  And remember, there are no rules when it comes to what you love! 

If you would like my help adding a fresh mix of pillows to your home, please 
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Kristie at The said...

Great tips, Abby! Love that blue coffee table :)

Karena said...

A fresh take on choosing pillows, designs and sizes; perfect Abby!

Art by Karena

classic • casual • home said...

This was such a fabulous are a Master, Abby!

Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication said...

Great tips! Mixing up patterns can be kind of scary but I love the way it looks! said...

I love your fierce mix of pattern and color, especially the board with the horizontal gray and white stripe. When that comes naturally, I call that real talent, girlfriend!!

Mary said...

Does the same thought process go into picking out an area rug?
If you have a large scale pattern on your window treatments, do you do a solid or small scale pattern for the rug?

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