3 tips to making a beautiful bed

Monday, June 13

The master bedroom is such an important space for so many reasons.  You want a retreat. An escape.  A place to fall into calm with a little bit of sexy mixed in.  At least that's what I want!  

But what actually goes into making a beautiful bed?  
Let's browse:
house of turquoise

house of turquoise

house of turquoise

house of turquoise

house of turquoise

house of turquoise

house of turquoise

 house of turquoise

house of turquoise

house of turquoise

Here are my top three tips to making a beautiful bed:
1) Bring in the white.  White linens say "clean, calm, and crisp."  If you scroll back through the photos you'll notice that each of these photos has an element of white.
2) Layer your linens.  Try a coverlet and a duvet, or a quilt with a throw at the end of the bed.  Each adds to the luxe feel of a master retreat.
3) Think about texture.  Does everything look and feel the same on your bed?  Then it's time to mix them up.  Linen, cotton, silk, and velvet each add to your sense of touch.

What's your best tip to making a beautiful bed?


Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} said...

Great tips! A beautifully made bed is always so lovely!

tracie said...

beautiful examples!

Tote said...

They are all so pretty! I am in the process of a redo of our bedroom. I would love to try some of the bedding used there.


kristie@thedecorologist said...

Besides sumptuous bedding, I think symmetry makes a bedroom feel like a master suite in a luxe hotel. Large, matching lamps on either side of the bed and properly-proportioned and properly-hung art above the bed help, too. Lovely blog!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

Such great advice! Most of the time the Master Bedroom is the last thing people think about! Every picture is a retreat and your tips are perfect!

Tiffany {Living Savvy}

redesigningsarah said...

Great post - love the pictures and your tips are fantastic!

Bree@ 700sqftDesign said...

We must be nsync, I was needing master bedroon inspiration, I loved the chevron wall, thought it might be too much going on in a bedroon, but it looks amazing.

Kim @ keller-creative said...

I would love to have a white coverlet on our bed but I don't trust us to keep it clean. My dog would be an especially messy culprit... The pictures sure are pretty to look at though!

Sara Mueller said...

great tips!


Oh girl...I love them all but the 9th one down has me drooling!

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

All so beautiful! My must is an upholstered headboard. My master and guest rooms both have them.

jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

My favorite tip? You've got to actually "make" the bed in the morning :)

I agree with the white linens bit. My other "must" is a throw blanket folded on the end. So I guess I'm in agreement with you!

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

I definitely agree! You gotta mix up the textures!! I am smitten by the 2nd room from house of turqoise!..the wallpaper, bed frame, chair, lamp, pillow..STUNNING!!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home said...

Abby - These beautiful bedroom images are great visual examples of the tips you've given.
I like your suggestion about varied textures. The softest and most luxurious fabrics should be the ones that touch our skin as we sleep.
There's nothing like smooth, fresh linens, especially when sprayed with a hint of lavender.
I so wish I had time for a nap right now! :)
Great Post!

Michelle said...

For me its luxury 1000 thread count sheets and a few (but not too many) feature coushins.

InteriorGroupie said...

That's funny - from looking at your post I was most drawn to end tables and lamps! They were in all of them :) Maybe it's just because I recently finished a couple of projects regarding both... I have a white duvet cover and LOVE it. Feels so clean and is the best to decorate around.

Andrea said...

Love all the beautifully made beds. Great tips too!

Carol@SofasandSage.com said...

I LOVE fresh white linens! And, I'm laughing. Just came over after writing a post tonight -- about bedding! Great minds think alike lol! Have a good week, C

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I honestly don't think I can think up better advice! I completely love the coverlet idea, I've been debating over which one I want for our bed *forever*!!! And I am just on a suzani kick lately because that bed with the suzani pillows is so amazing! Love all these gorgeous bedrooms...

P.S. Thanks so much for your sweet comment you left me! Blogger was definitely acting up and I thought it was so sweet that you took the time to write a little note anyways! Mwah! Love ya, girl! (c:

natasha {schue love} said...

Great tips...especially as we're re-decorating {ha, let's be honest...decorating} our master. I am IN LOVE with that first mirrored dresser...in love! :)

Emily said...

I am all about the all white with a splash of color! Great pictures
xoxo emily

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